Party Wall Agreement

A "party wall agreement" is not the same as a "party wall award". An "agreement" would normally be used where the person undertaking the work and their neighbours are both happy to consent to the building work going ahead without the need to involve party wall surveyors. If a neighbour is unwilling to agree to the building work going ahead then a "party wall award" would generally be required before work could start. As a party wall agreement does not require the involvement of surveyors, it is usually a much cheaper option than a "party wall award".

We are pleased to be the only specialist party wall surveyors to offer an online party wall agreement service. The agreement is legally binding between the person wishing to complete the work and their neighbours. The purpose of the agreement is to provide both parties with a balanced written framework for ensuring that the work is carried out legally, fairly and safely. The agreement also sets out an inexpensive and simple dispute resolution procedure to govern how any future disagreement between the two parties should be resolved.

You can now purchase a party wall agreement online from this website in under ten minutes by clicking on the link above. The agreements are professionally drafted, tailored to your project, and suitable for most types of domestic work such as loft conversions and kitchen extensions. An online party wall agreement from VBA costs just £99 plus VAT, which a small fraction of the fees that a party wall surveyor might otherwise typically charge for a party wall award. Unlike a party wall award, which can often take months to be agreed by the surveyors, an agreement can be purchased quickly and safely online and then signed by you and your neighbour on the same day.

When purchasing an online party wall agreement from VBA you should also consider buying a "schedule of condition" of your neighbour's property as an extra safeguard. Costing only £395 plus VAT, a schedule of condition is a detailed report of the condition of the relevant parts of your neighbour's home. It will be recorded by one of our experienced party wall surveyors before your work starts.

A schedule of condition can often be extremely useful as independent evidence if there is any allegation of damage being caused by the building works. Both parties will receive a copy of the schedule of condition and can easily check to see whether any alleged damage existed before the work started.

Please see the Party Wall Agreement FAQs for further information.

Vincent-Brown & Associates Limited do not provide advice on the suitability of any template for a particular usage or circumstance.

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