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Building Owners

The Party Wall Act places a legal duty upon any building owner proposing works under the Act to serve a party wall notice to his/her adjoining owners. This party wall notice must be served at least one month (sometimes two months) prior to the date the work is due to start. It is important to note that failure to serve a valid party wall notice in time, where one is required, can cause a significant delay to your works starting and could result in legal proceedings being brought against you.

In these circumstances you may also be liable for additional legal fees and court costs. You should remember that gaining planning permission or complying with the building regulations does not remove the need to comply with the Party Wall Act where it is applicable.

VBA has an online notice drafting service that will allow you to prepare custom professional notices quickly and at minimal cost. Please visit our party wall notice pages for further details about this service.

Should I buy a "party wall notice" or a "party wall agreement"?

If you have spoken with your neighbours and they have said that they do not require a party wall surveyor then you may wish to purchase a party wall agreement online and give it to your neighbours to sign. There is no need to buy a separate party wall notice.

If you have not spoken with your neighbours or do not know whether they will require a party wall surveyor then you should first serve a party wall notice. Your neighbour can then decide whether they wish to appoint a party wall surveyor or sign a party wall agreement.

If your neighbours decide to appoint a party wall surveyor after receiving the party wall notice then you will also need to appoint a surveyor. If you use a surveyor from VBA then we will refund the full cost of the online party wall notices from your surveyor's fees.

Vincent-Brown & Associates Limited do not provide advice on the suitability of any template for a particular usage or circumstance.

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